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......@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ $$
\Rightarrow C=9Nk_{\rm B}\left(\frac{T}{T_{D}}\right)^3\int_0^{T_{D}/T}\frac{x^4{\rm e}^x}{({\rm e}^x-1)^2}{\rm d}x,
where $x=\frac{\hbar\omega}{k_{\rm B}T}$ and $T_{D}\equiv\frac{\hbar\omega_{D}}{k_{\rm B}}$, the _Debye temperature_.
where $x=\frac{\hbar\omega}{k_{\rm B}T}$ and $T_{D}\equiv\frac{\hbar\omega_{D}}{k_{\rm B}}$, the _Debye temperature_. Note that the Debye temperature expresses the frequency of the mode with the highest allowed $k$-value in units of temperature.
def integrand(y):
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