Commit bac0b6c5 authored by Kostas Vilkelis's avatar Kostas Vilkelis 👽
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fix E_F equation

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......@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ $$n_h \approx N_V e^{-E_F/kT} = N_C e^{-(E_G-E_F)/kT} \approx n_e$$
Solving for $E_F$:
$$E_F = \frac{E_G}{2} - \frac{3}{4}kT\log(m_e/m_h)$$
$$E_F = \frac{E_C + E_V}{2} - \frac{3}{4}kT\log(m_e/m_h)$$
An extra observation: regardless of where $E_F$ is located, $n_e n_h = N_C N_V e^{-E_G/kT} \equiv n_i^2$.
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