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......@@ -30,10 +30,23 @@ from math import pi
### Subquestion 1
Intrinsic semiconductors have no impurities. Adding dopant atoms creates extra unbounded
electrons/holes depending on the n/p dopant atom added. Impurity eigenstates appear and
the $E_F$ level shifts (up/down for added donors/acceptors).
To make a diode a p-n junction is needed (extrinsic semiconductors). Drawing a diagram is
very helpful.
### Subquestion 2
Under reverse bias only two processes carry out current: electrons that may be thermally
excited into the conduction band (p-doped side) and holes that may be thermally
excited into the valence band (n-doped side).
### Subquestion 3
$$ I_s(T) \propto e^{-E_{gap}/k_BT}$$
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