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......@@ -15,3 +15,20 @@ In these notes our aim is to provide learning materials which are:
- open for reuse: see the license below.
Whether you are a student taking this course, or an instructor reusing the materials, we welcome all contributions, so check out the [course repository](, especially do [let us know]( if you see a typo!
## What this course is about
* Condensed matter: many particles, strong interactions (solid, liquid)
We're dealing with solid state because solids are hardcore!!!
* It is not about discovering fundamental laws, rather how they work in
complex systems
* One defining property of complex systems: similar ingredients (atoms) lead
to very different results!
* Impossible to solve: equations of motion of $10^23$ particles
* A new founding principle:
"More is different", by P.W. Anderson
Laws that **emerge** when many particles are combined and let interact
* Unlike what you learned before it is not just about applying the laws of
physics: the main difficulty is how to forget everything that does not matter
in a way the most real physics, but is tough on the intuition.
* Very useful: all modern electronics functions thanks to condmat
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