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Add extrude and inflate functions in shapes

parent 277e7339
......@@ -879,6 +879,114 @@ def box(length, corner=None, center=None):
return points
def extrude(x, newcoord, force1d=False):
'''return x with value newcoord in an added dimension
x: array like (npt, ndim)
points or list of points in 1d or 2d
if 1d: use force1d=True
newcoord: array like
value of array of the values
of the expected new coordinate
force1d: bool (defaults to False)
to make the difference between one point in 2d
and a list of 1d points, force1d needs to be put
to True in the 1d case
newx: array like (npt * len(newcoord), ndim + 1)
the new extruded array
newcoord = np.asarray(newcoord)
x = np.asarray(x)
if len(x.shape) <= 1:
if force1d:
ndim = -1
npt = len(x)
ndim, npt = x.shape[0], 1
x = x[None, :]
npt, ndim = x.shape
if ndim is -1:
newx = np.tile(x, len(newcoord)).T
newx = np.tile(x, (len(newcoord), 1))
newcoord = np.repeat(newcoord, npt, axis=0)
newx = np.c_[newx, newcoord]
return newx
def inflate(x, value, direction='all', center='self'):
'''add or substract value to list of points x
depending depending if x[i] < or > center[i]
for chosen i
This is usefull for example
if ones wants to create increase slightly the size of
a polygon (polyhedron)
x: 2d array
the list of points to inflate
value: number, list
the value of which to inflate x
in the chosen direction
if it is a number, will inflate
in all directions in direction param
direction: list (opt, defaults to 'all')
the direction in which to inflate x
if all: will infalte all directions
otherwhise should match shape of x
center: list of coordinates (opt, defaults to 'self)
the reference wrt to which to inflate.
x[: i] < center[i] -> newx[i] = x[i] - value[i]
if 'self', center will be mean(x)
newx: 2d array
the list of inflated coordinates
x = np.asarray(x)
if len(x.shape) == 2:
npt, ndim = x.shape
assert False, 'x should be a 2d array'
assert (ndim == 2 or ndim == 3)
if direction is 'all':
direction = np.arange(ndim)
assert len(value) == len(direction)
except TypeError:
tmpvalue = np.zeros(ndim)
tmpvalue[direction] = np.ones(len(direction)) * value
value = tmpvalue
if center is 'self':
center = np.mean(x, axis=0)
newx = x.copy()
for i in direction:
tmp = ((x[:, i] + value[i]) * (x[:, i] > center[i])
+ (x[:, i] - value[i]) * (x[:, i] < center[i])
+ (x[:, i]) * (x[:, i] == center[i]))
newx[:, i] = tmp
return newx
def translate(x, vect):
Translate a point or a list of points by a vector vect
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