Commit c51ebff5 authored by Sathish Kumar RK's avatar Sathish Kumar RK
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add is_charge_density

parent 7c8a9176
......@@ -847,7 +847,7 @@ class LinearProblem(object):
return self.solver_instance(self, **kwargs)
def update(self, voltage_val=None, charge_val=None, mixed_val=None,
pos_voltage_mixed=None, pos_charge_mixed=None):
pos_voltage_mixed=None, pos_charge_mixed=None, is_charge_density=True):
Update the system of equations without recalculating the
sparse matrices.
......@@ -860,6 +860,8 @@ class LinearProblem(object):
This update does not require re-factorization
self.is_charge_density = is_charge_density
if (pos_voltage_mixed is not None or pos_charge_mixed is not None):
# Matrix order will have to change. Not implemented yet.
print('Not implemented')
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