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Circumvent an error in test_dot for Numpy 1.12.0.

Numpy 1.12.0 updated iscomplexobj which always shows False for
tinyarrays, which makes assert_almost_equal fail for complex
array-valued arguments, as they will not be split up into real and
imaginary part. We circumvent this bug by testing every entry
separately in this case. This bug will be fixed for Numpy 1.12.1.

Fixes #11
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......@@ -228,8 +228,21 @@ def test_dot():
for sa, sb in shape_pairs:
a = make(sa, dtype)
b = make(sb, dtype) - 5
assert_almost_equal(, ta.array(b)),, b),
dta =, ta.array(b))
dnp =, b)
# This circumvents a build error on Numpy 1.12.0, where numpy's
# iscomplexobj does not return True for complex tinyarrays.
# In this case we do the test per element.
if np.__version__ != '1.12.0':
assert_almost_equal(dta, dnp, 13)
elif (getattr(dta, "dtype", None) is complex and
getattr(dta, "shape", None) is not None and
len(dta) > 0):
idx = it.product(*[range(i) for i in dta.shape])
for i in idx:
assert_almost_equal(dta[i], dnp[i], 13)
assert_almost_equal(dta, dnp, 13)
shape_pairs = [((), 2), (2, ()),
(1, 2),
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