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......@@ -12,10 +12,21 @@ In this crash course, we will cover the following topics:
- [Scientific programming with numpy/matplotlib/scipy](day1_afternoon)
*Day 2*
- [Basic shell](day2_morning)
- [Using git for version control](day2_afternoon)
- [Using `git` through a graphical user interface](
**Extra material**
When working on your project, you will also find the need to properly organize your code (this will be assessed, too). You can make use of the
following materials for self-study, and use the code written during the project as exercise material! Of course, you can also ask usfor advice in class during the course.
- [Structuring python code](structuring_python_code)
`git` is often also used directly from the command line. In order to use it you should understand some basics of the shell:
- [Basic shell](shell_basics)
A detailed description of how to use `git` from the command line can be found here
- [Using git from the command line](git_command_line)
You will recognize many of the steps we also saw in the graphical user interface.
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