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improve release instructions

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......@@ -280,6 +280,14 @@ current Debian testing)::
ARCH=i386 DIST=<dist> git-pbuilder update
ARCH=amd64 DIST=<dist> git-pbuilder update
Make sure that the working directory is completely clear::
git clean -id
(Note that pytest has the nasty habit of creating a hidden ``.pytest_cache``
directory which gitignores itself. The above command will not delete this
directory, but git-pbuilder will complain.)
Now build the packages. First the i386 package. The option "--git-tag" tags
and signs the tag if the build is successful. In a second step, the package is
built for amd64, but only the architecture-dependent files (not the
......@@ -439,7 +447,7 @@ We will also use the following script (prepare_ppa_upload)::
for release in $@; do
cp /tmp/changelog.$$ debian/changelog dch -b -v "$version~$release" -u low 'Ubuntu PPA upload'
sed -i -e "1,1 s/UNRELEASED/$release/" debian/changelog
sed -i -e "1,1 s/UNRELEASED/${release%[0-9]}/" debian/changelog
debuild -S -sa
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