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Discretization onto a Landau level basis
The Hamiltonian for a system infinite in at least two dimensions and with
a constant applied magnetic field may be expressed in a basis of Landau levels.
The momenta in the plane perpendicular to the magnetic field direction are
written in terms of the Landau level ladder operators:
.. math::
k_x = \sqrt{\frac{B}{2}} (a + a^\dagger) \quad\quad
k_y = i \sqrt{\frac{B}{2}} (a - a^\dagger)
The Hamiltonian is then expressed in terms of these ladder operators, which
allows for a straight-forward discretization in the basis of Landau levels,
provided that the basis is truncated after $N$ levels.
`kwant.continuum.discretize_landau` makes this procedure simple::
syst = kwant.continuum.discretize_landau("k_x**2 + k_y**2", N)
`~kwant.continuum.discretize_landau` produces a regular Kwant Builder that
can be inspected or finalized as usual. 3D Hamiltonians for systems that
extend into the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field are also
template = kwant.continuum.discretize_landau("k_x**2 + k_y**2 + k_z**2 + V(z)", N)
This will produce a Builder with a single translational symmetry, which can be
directly finalized, or can be used as a template for e.g. a heterostructure stack
in the direction of the magnetic field::
def stack(site):
z, = site.pos
return 0 <= z < 10
template = kwant.continuum.discretize_landau("k_x**2 + k_y**2 + k_z**2 + V(z)", N)
syst = kwant.Builder()
syst.fill(template, stack, (0,))
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Symbolic helpers
......@@ -19,3 +20,11 @@ Symbolic helpers
.. autosummary::
:toctree: generated/
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