Commit 526f61ae authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
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improve cython error messages; don't continue if cython must be run but it is too old

parent 7ee7b487
......@@ -367,11 +367,23 @@ def extensions():
return result
def complain_cython_unavailable():
assert not cythonize or cython_version < REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION
if cythonize:
msg = "Install Cython {0} or newer so it can be made or use a source " \
"distribution of Kwant."
ver = '.'.join(str(e) for e in REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION)
print >>sys.stderr, msg.format(ver)
print >>sys.stderr, "Run without", \
def ext_modules(extensions):
"""Prepare the ext_modules argument for distutils' setup."""
result = []
for args, kwrds in extensions:
if not cythonize or not cython_version:
if not cythonize or cython_version < REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION:
if 'language' in kwrds:
if kwrds['language'] == 'c':
ext = '.c'
......@@ -399,21 +411,20 @@ def ext_modules(extensions):
except OSError:
print >>sys.stderr, \
"error: Cython-generated file {0} is missing.".format(f)
if cythonize:
print >>sys.stderr, "Install Cython so it can be made" \
" or use a source distribution of Kwant."
print >>sys.stderr, "Run without", \
for f in pyx_files + kwrds.get('depends', []):
if os.stat(f).st_mtime > cythonized_oldest:
msg = "Warning: {0} is newer than its source file, "
if cythonize:
msg += "but Cython is not installed."
msg = "error: {0} is newer than its source file, but "
if cythonize and not cython_version:
msg += "Cython is not installed."
elif cythonize:
msg += "the installed Cython is too old."
msg += "but Cython is not to be run."
msg += "Cython is not to be run."
print >>sys.stderr, msg.format(f)
result.append(Extension(*args, **kwrds))
......@@ -421,16 +432,6 @@ def ext_modules(extensions):
def main():
if cythonize and cython_version < REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION:
msg = 'Warning: Cython {0} is required but '
if cython_version:
msg += 'only {1} is present.'
msg += 'it is not installed.'
print >>sys.stderr, msg.format(
'.'.join(str(e) for e in REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION),
'.'.join(str(e) for e in cython_version))
author='C. W. Groth, M. Wimmer, A. R. Akhmerov, X. Waintal, et al.',
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