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add Qsymm to optional prerequisites in INSTALL.rst

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......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ a NumPy-like Python package optimized for very small arrays,
The following software is highly recommended though not strictly required:
* `matplotlib <>`_ 1.5.1 or newer, for the module `kwant.plotter` and the tutorial,
* `SymPy <>`_ 0.7.6 or newer, for the subpackage `kwant.continuum`.
* `Qsymm <>`_ 1.1.0 or newer, for the subpackage `kwant.qsymm`.
* `MUMPS <>`_, a sparse linear algebra library
that will in many cases speed up Kwant several times and reduce the memory
footprint. (Kwant uses only the sequential, single core version
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