Commit a8d174c7 authored by Joseph Weston's avatar Joseph Weston

disallow incompatible types for size/color specifications

Raise a TypeError when a site size/color is provided as an array
and the system is a kwant.Builder, as the site ordering for the
latter is not well defined. A function should be used instead.
parent d1adb928
......@@ -911,7 +911,11 @@ def plot(sys, num_lead_cells=2, unit='nn',
raise ValueError('Invalid value of unit argument.')
# make all specs proper: either constant or lists/np.arrays:
def make_proper_site_spec(spec, fancy_indexing=False):
def make_proper_site_spec(spec_name, spec, fancy_indexing=False):
if _p.isarray(spec) and isinstance(syst, builder.Builder):
raise TypeError('{} cannot be an array when plotting'
' a Builder; use a function instead.'
if callable(spec):
spec = [spec(i[0]) for i in sites if i[1] is None]
if (fancy_indexing and _p.isarray(spec)
......@@ -933,7 +937,8 @@ def plot(sys, num_lead_cells=2, unit='nn',
spec = np.asarray(spec, dtype='object')
return spec
site_symbol = make_proper_site_spec(site_symbol)
site_symbol = make_proper_site_spec('site_symbol', site_symbol)
if site_symbol is None: site_symbol = defaults['site_symbol'][dim]
# separate different symbols (not done in 3D, the separation
# would mess up sorting)
......@@ -967,10 +972,10 @@ def plot(sys, num_lead_cells=2, unit='nn',
# Unknown finalized system, no sites access.
site_color = defaults['site_color'][dim]
site_size = make_proper_site_spec(site_size, fancy_indexing)
site_color = make_proper_site_spec(site_color, fancy_indexing)
site_edgecolor = make_proper_site_spec(site_edgecolor, fancy_indexing)
site_lw = make_proper_site_spec(site_lw, fancy_indexing)
site_size = make_proper_site_spec('site_size', site_size, fancy_indexing)
site_color = make_proper_site_spec('site_color', site_color, fancy_indexing)
site_edgecolor = make_proper_site_spec('site_edgecolor', site_edgecolor, fancy_indexing)
site_lw = make_proper_site_spec('site_lw', site_lw, fancy_indexing)
hop_color = make_proper_hop_spec(hop_color)
hop_lw = make_proper_hop_spec(hop_lw)
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