Commit b1ce67b6 authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth

add failing test to be fixed in the next commit

parent be41d0f8
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
import tempfile
import itertools
import numpy as np
from numpy.testing import assert_equal
import tinyarray as ta
import pytest
......@@ -380,3 +381,18 @@ def test_fd_mismatch():
for k in np.linspace(-np.pi, np.pi, 5)]
assert np.allclose(spectrum1, spectrum2)
# There seems no more specific way to only filter KwantDeprecationWarning.
def test_args_params_equivalence():
for lat in [kwant.lattice.square(), kwant.lattice.honeycomb(),
syst = kwant.Builder(kwant.TranslationalSymmetry(*lat.prim_vecs))
syst[lat.shape((lambda pos: True), (0, 0))] = 1
syst[lat.neighbors(1)] = 0.1
syst[lat.neighbors(2)] = lambda a, b, param: 0.01
syst = wraparound(syst).finalized()
shs = syst.hamiltonian_submatrix
assert_equal(shs(args=["bla", 1, 2]),
shs(params=dict(param="bla", k_x=1, k_y=2)))
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