Commit b4ffe6e4 authored by Joseph Weston's avatar Joseph Weston

add integration tests

Test that the sign convention and units are correct, and that
we correctly recover current flowing along the boundaries of
a bar system when a magnetic field is applied.
parent f50cb43a
......@@ -4,10 +4,12 @@ from math import sqrt
import numpy as np
import pytest
import kwant
from ... import lattice
from ...builder import HoppingKind, Builder, NoSymmetry, Site
from .. import gauge
## Utilities
# TODO: remove in favour of 'scipy.stats.special_ortho_group' once
......@@ -478,3 +480,71 @@ def test_invariant_surface_integral():
rot = special_ortho_group.rvs(3)
loop = orig_loop @ rot.transpose()
assert np.isclose(I, integral(lambda r: rot @ circular_field(rot.transpose() @ r), loop))
def system_and_gauge():
def hopping(a, b, peierls):
return -1 * peierls(a, b)
syst = Builder()
syst[(square_lattice(i, j) for i in range(3) for j in range(10))] = 4
syst[square_lattice.neighbors()] = hopping
lead = Builder(lattice.TranslationalSymmetry((-1, 0)))
lead[(square_lattice(0, j) for j in range(10))] = 4
lead[square_lattice.neighbors()] = hopping
syst = syst.finalized()
magnetic_gauge = gauge.magnetic_gauge(syst)
return syst, magnetic_gauge
@pytest.mark.parametrize('B',[0, 0.1, lambda r: 0.1 * np.exp(-r[1]**2)])
def test_uniform_magnetic_field(system_and_gauge, B):
syst, gauge = system_and_gauge
peierls, peierls_left, peierls_right = gauge(B, B, B)
params = dict(peierls=peierls, peierls_left=peierls_left,
s = kwant.smatrix(syst, energy=0.6, params=params)
t = s.submatrix(1, 0)
b = kwant.physics.Bands(syst.leads[0], params=params)
assert t.shape > (0, 0) # sanity check
assert np.allclose(np.abs(t)**2, np.eye(*t.shape))
def test_phase_sign(system_and_gauge):
syst, gauge = system_and_gauge
peierls, peierls_left, peierls_right = gauge(0.1, 0.1, 0.1)
params = dict(peierls=peierls, peierls_left=peierls_left,
cut = [(square_lattice(1, j), square_lattice(0, j))
for j in range(10)]
J = kwant.operator.Current(syst, where=cut)
J = J.bind(params=params)
psi = kwant.wave_function(syst, energy=0.6, params=params)(0)[0]
# Electrons incident from the left travel along the *top*
# edge of the Hall bar in the presence of a magnetic field
# out of the plane
j = J(psi)
j_bottom = sum(j[0:5])
j_top = sum(j[5:10])
assert np.isclose(j_top + j_bottom, 1) # sanity check
assert j_top > 0.9
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