temporarily remove building of conda package

The build process uses a recipe from a separate repository, which was not
updated for a while.  Instead we should be calling conda-build directly.
However this may be done separately.
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......@@ -253,41 +253,6 @@ check for broken links in doc:
allow_failure: true
## Conda package building
.conda-template: &conda_job
stage: deploy
image: condaforge/linux-anvil
- /usr/bin/sudo -n yum install -y devtoolset-2-gcc-gfortran
- git clone https://gitlab.kwant-project.org/kwant/conda-recipes.git
- conda config --add channels kwant
- conda build --python 3.5 conda-recipes/kwant-dev
- conda build --python 3.6 conda-recipes/kwant-dev
- mv /opt/conda/conda-bld/linux-64/kwant-dev*.tar.bz2 .
- if [ ! -z $ANACONDA_TOKEN ]; then anaconda --token=$ANACONDA_TOKEN upload --force kwant-dev*tar.bz2; fi
- kwant-dev*.tar.bz2
expire_in: 1 month
# build on master always
build and upload conda package:
<<: *conda_job
- master@kwant/kwant
# manual triggers for branches other than master possible
build and upload conda package (manual):
<<: *conda_job
- branches@kwant/kwant
- master@kwant/kwant
when: manual
## Upload coverage reports and dev documentation
upload coverage:
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