Commit e315de5a authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
Browse files rename function and improve docstring to make things clearer

parent e76f80ea
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2011-2015 Kwant authors.
# Copyright 2011-2016 Kwant authors.
# This file is part of Kwant. It is subject to the license terms in the file
# LICENSE.rst found in the top-level directory of this distribution and at
......@@ -395,11 +395,15 @@ def complain_cython_unavailable():
def ext_modules(extensions):
"""Prepare the ext_modules argument for setuptools.
def maybe_cythonize(extensions):
"""Prepare a list of `Extension` instances, ready for `setup()`.
If Cython is not to be run, replace .pyx extensions with .c or .cpp, and
check timestamps.
The argument `extensions` must be a sequence of (args, kwrds) to be passed on
to `Extension`.
If Cython is to be run, create the extensions and calls `cythonize()` on
them. If Cython is not to be run, replace .pyx file with .c or .cpp,
check timestamps, and create the extensions.
if use_cython and cython_version >= REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION:
return cythonize([Extension(*args, **kwrds)
......@@ -500,7 +504,7 @@ def main():
'sdist': kwant_sdist,
'build_ext': kwant_build_ext,
'build_tut': kwant_build_tut},
setup_requires=['numpy > 1.6.1', 'pytest-runner >= 2.7'],
tests_require=['pytest >= 2.6.3'],
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