Commit eba071b8 authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
Browse files simplify and localize the logic for (not) using cython

parent cd3242d1
......@@ -77,31 +77,46 @@ def get_version():
def init_cython():
global use_cython, cython_version, trace_cython, cythonize
"""Set the global variable `cythonize` (and other related globals).
The variable `cythonize` can be in three states:
* If Cython should be run and is ready, it contains the `cythonize()`
* If Cython is not to be run, it contains `False`.
* If Cython should, but cannot be run it contains `None`. A help message
on how to solve the problem is stored in `cython_help`.
This function modifies `sys.argv`.
global cythonize, cython_help, trace_cython
use_cython = True
cythonize = True
except ValueError:
use_cython = version_is_from_git
cythonize = version_is_from_git
trace_cython = True
if not use_cython:
print('error: --cython-trace provided, but cython will not be run',
if not cythonize:
print('Error: --cython-trace provided, but Cython will not be run.',
except ValueError:
trace_cython = False
if use_cython:
if cythonize:
import Cython
from Cython.Build import cythonize
except ImportError:
cython_version = ()
cythonize = None
#### Get Cython version.
match = re.match('([0-9.]*)(.*)', Cython.__version__)
cython_version = [int(n) for n in'.')]
# Decrease version if the version string contains a suffix.
......@@ -111,6 +126,18 @@ def init_cython():
cython_version[-1] -= 1
cython_version = tuple(cython_version)
if cython_version < REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION:
cythonize = None
if cythonize is None:
msg = ("Install Cython >= {0} or use"
" a source distribution (tarball) of Kwant.")
ver = '.'.join(str(e) for e in REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION)
cython_help = msg.format(ver)
msg = "Run with the {} option to enable Cython."
cython_help = msg.format(CYTHON_OPTION)
def banner(title=''):
starred =, '*')
......@@ -387,18 +414,6 @@ def extensions():
return result
def complain_cython_unavailable():
assert not use_cython or cython_version < REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION
if use_cython:
msg = ("Install Cython {0} or newer so it can be made\n"
"or use a source distribution of Kwant.")
ver = '.'.join(str(e) for e in REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION)
print(msg.format(ver), file=sys.stderr)
print("Run with the {} option.".format(CYTHON_OPTION),
def maybe_cythonize(extensions):
"""Prepare a list of `Extension` instances, ready for `setup()`.
......@@ -409,7 +424,7 @@ def maybe_cythonize(extensions):
them. If Cython is not to be run, replace .pyx file with .c or .cpp,
check timestamps, and create the extensions.
if use_cython and cython_version >= REQUIRED_CYTHON_VERSION:
if cythonize:
return cythonize([Extension(*args, **kwrds)
for args, kwrds in extensions], language_level=3,
compiler_directives={'linetrace': trace_cython})
......@@ -449,9 +464,9 @@ def maybe_cythonize(extensions):
cythonized_oldest = min(os.stat(f).st_mtime
for f in cythonized_files)
except OSError:
print("error: Cython-generated file {} is missing.".format(f),
msg = "Cython-generated file {} is missing."
print(banner(" Error "), msg.format(f), "",
cython_help, banner(), sep="\n", file=sys.stderr)
for f in pyx_files + kwrds.get('depends', []):
......@@ -465,28 +480,23 @@ def maybe_cythonize(extensions):
result.append(Extension(name, sources, **kwrds))
if problematic_files:
problematic_files = ", ".join(problematic_files)
msg = ("Some Cython source files are newer than files that should have\n"
"been derived from them, but {}.\n"
"Affected files: {}")
if use_cython:
if not cython_version:
reason = "Cython is not installed"
reason = "the installed Cython is too old"
print(banner(" Error "), msg.format(reason, problematic_files),
banner(), sep="\n", file=sys.stderr)
msg = ("Some Cython source files are newer than files that have "
"been derived from them:\n{}")
msg = msg.format(", ".join(problematic_files))
# Cython should be run but won't. Signal an error if this is because
# Cython *cannot* be run, warn otherwise.
error = cythonize is None
if cythonize is False:
dontworry = ('(Do not worry about this if you are building Kwant '
'from unmodified sources,\n'
'e.g. with "pip install".)\n\n')
msg = dontworry + msg
print(banner(" Error " if error else " Caution "), msg, "",
cython_help, banner(), sep="\n", file=sys.stderr)
if error:
reason = "the option {} has not been given".format(CYTHON_OPTION)
dontworry = ('(Do not worry about this if you are building Kwant\n'
'from unmodified sources, e.g. with "pip install".)\n')
print(banner(" Caution "), dontworry,
msg.format(reason, problematic_files),
banner(), sep='\n', file=sys.stderr)
return result
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