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......@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ The following requires ssh access to ```` (ask Christoph
Groth). The tarball and its signature (generated by the twine command above) should be
uploaded to the downloads section of the website::
scp dist/kwant-<version>.tar.gz*
scp dist/kwant-<version>.tar.gz* kwant:web/downloads/kwant
Debian packages
......@@ -528,17 +528,17 @@ Ask Christoph Groth if you need to be granted access.
Upload the zipped HTML and PDF documentation::
scp dist/kwant-doc-<version>.{zip,pdf}
scp dist/kwant-doc-<version>.{zip,pdf} kwant:web/downloads/doc
Upload the HTML documentation for the website::
rsync -rlv --delete doc/build/html/*<short-version>
rsync -rlv --delete doc/build/html/* kwant:web/main/doc/<short-version>
where in the above ``<short-version>`` is just the major and minor version numbers.
Finally, create symbolic links for the website::
ssh kwant
for e in zip pdf; do ln -sf kwant-doc-<version>.$e webapps/downloads/doc/latest.$e; done
ln -nsf <short-version> webapps/kwant/doc/<major>
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