Commit 65871008 authored by Tómas's avatar Tómas Committed by Joseph Weston

streamline symmetry check in modes

parent c2e922b0
......@@ -250,20 +250,16 @@ class InfiniteSystem(System, metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
# Check whether each symmetry is broken.
# If a symmetry is broken, it is ignored in the computation.
broken = set(symmetries.validate(ham) + symmetries.validate(hop))
attribute_names = {'Conservation law': 'projectors',
'Time reversal': 'time_reversal',
'Particle-hole': 'particle-hole',
'Chiral': 'chiral'}
for name in broken:
warnings.warn('Hamiltonian breaks ' + name +
', ignoring the symmetry in the computation.')
if name == 'Conservation law':
symmetries.projectors = None
elif name == 'Time reversal':
symmetries.time_reversal = None
elif name == 'Particle-hole':
symmetries.particle_hole = None
elif name == 'Chiral':
symmetries.chiral = None
warnings.warn('Misidentified a broken symmetry'
' in the lead.')
assert name in attribute_names, 'Inconsistent naming of symmetries'
setattr(symmetries, attribute_names[name], None)
shape = ham.shape
assert len(shape) == 2
assert shape[0] == shape[1]
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