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......@@ -6,6 +6,32 @@ See also the `full list of changes up to the most recent bugfix
release of the 1.4 series
Automatic Peierls phase calculation
When defining systems with orbital magnetic fields it is often cumbersome to
manually calculate the phases required by the Peierls substitution, and to
ensure that the chosen gauge is consistent across the whole system
(this is especially true for systems with leads that point in different
directions). This release introduces `kwant.physics.magnetic_gauge`,
which calculates the Peierls phases for you::
import numpy as np
import kwant
def hopping(a, b, t, phi):
return -t * np.exp(-1j * phi(a, b))
syst = make_system(hopping).finalized()
gauge = kwant.physics.magnetic_gauge(syst)
def B(pos):
return np.exp(-np.sum(pos * pos))
kwant.hamiltonian_submatrix(syst, params=dict(t=1, phi=gauge(B))
Note that the API for this functionality is provisional, and may be
revised in a future version of Kwant.
Value functions may no longer have default values for parameters
Using value functions with default values for parameters can be
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