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......@@ -114,21 +114,23 @@ Building the documentation requires 'sphinx' and a Latex installation.
First build the HTML and PDF documentation::
./ build
cd doc
make realclean
make html latex SPHINXOPTS='-A website_deploy=True -n -W'
cd doc/build/latex
make all-pdf
make -C doc realclean
make -C doc html latex
make -C doc/build/latex all-pdf
Then create a zipped version of the HTML documentation and name the PDF
consistently, storing them, for example, in the "dist" directory along with the
source tarballs::
ln -s `pwd`/doc/build/html /tmp/kwant-doc-<version>
(cd /tmp/; zip -r kwant-doc-<version>.zip kwant-doc-<version>)
mv /tmp/kwant-doc-<version>.zip dist
version=$(git describe | sed 's/^v//') # Assumes that we are on a tag.
ln -s `pwd`/doc/build/html /tmp/kwant-doc-$version
(cd /tmp/; zip -r kwant-doc-$ kwant-doc-$version)
mv /tmp/kwant-doc-$ dist
mv doc/build/latex/kwant.pdf dist/kwant-doc-$version.pdf
mv doc/build/latex/kwant.pdf dist/kwant-doc-<version>.pdf
Finally, rebuild the documentation for the website (including the web analysis javascript code)::
make -C doc html SPHINXOPTS='-A website_deploy=True -n -W'
Clone the repository of the Kwant Debian package
......@@ -514,23 +516,20 @@ Ask Christoph Groth if you need to be granted access.
Upload the zipped HTML and PDF documentation::
scp dist/kwant-doc-<version>.zip
scp dist/kwant-doc-<version>.pdf
Point the symbolic links ```` and ``latest.pdf`` to these new files::
ssh "cd webapps/downloads/doc; ln -s kwant-doc-<version>.zip"
ssh "cd webapps/downloads/doc; ln -s kwant-doc-<version>.pdf latest.pdf"
scp dist/kwant-doc-<version>.{zip,pdf}
Then upload the HTML documentation for the main website::
Upload the HTML documentation for the website::
rsync -rlv --delete doc/build/html/*<short-version>
where in the above ``<short-version>`` is just the major and minor version numbers.
Finally point the symbolic link ``<major-version>`` to ``<short-version>``::
Finally, create symbolic links for the website::
ssh "cd webapps/kwant/doc; ln -s <major> <short-version>"
for e in zip pdf; do ln -sf kwant-doc-<version>.$e webapps/downloads/doc/latest.$e; done
ln -nsf <short-version> webapps/kwant/doc/<major>
Announce the release
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