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      move tutorial script generation, reorganize doc/source · 9fdd41e8
      Christoph Groth authored
      I assume that most people encounter the tutorial example scripts by
      reading the documentation, and not by viewing the tutorial subdirectory
      of a checked-out Kwant source.
      That's the motivation for moving all the manipulations of tutorial
      scripts from setup.py to doc/Makefile.  Previously, a successful 'make
      html' would require a preceding execution of 'setup.py build_tut'.  Now,
      a simple 'make html' is enough.
      While at it, I reorganized where the example scripts and their outputs
      are stored.  Everything is now in 'doc/source/code' with its three
      subdirectories 'download' (to be shown to readers), 'include' (with
      include markers), and 'figure' (figure generation & figures).  This
      organization is clearer and also makes the generation of figures
      separate from the tutorial.
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      improve the tutorial script and image buiding machinery · 001dafbb
      Christoph Groth authored
      The basic idea remains the same, but should work much better now.  The
      difference is that images/example.py.diff is now a patch with complete
      context and becomes the authoritative source for both the visible flavor
      of an example as well as for its figure-generating variant.  Both
      tutorial/example.py and images/example.py are extracted from this file
      by 'make html'.  Thanks to the complete context the diffs are quite
      readable and may be modified directly.
      Alternatively, one may also modify the generated scripts.  When
      tutorial/example.py has been modified, it will be patched and saved as
      images/example.py.  The patching is done using the tool 'wiggle' that
      works much better than 'patch'.  If a conflict occurs, conflict markers
      are added to the output file and its dated back to the dawn of time
      (i.e. 1970) in order to mark the conflicts as not yet resolved.  After
      resolving, 'make html' is simply run again.
      Upon a successful execution of the figure-generating script the diff
      gets recreated automatically, 'generate-diffs' no longer exists.
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      setup.py: use setuptools · 9997ecc2
      Christoph Groth authored
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      simplify and improve version determination · 20171914
      Christoph Groth authored
      The file kwant/_static_version.py is no longer written upon every
      invocation of setup.py.  Instead, a file kwant/_kwant_version.py is
      injected into source and binary distributions.
      The static version in kwant/_kwant_version.py now takes precedence
      before any version from git.  This makes the --no-git option to setup.py
      no longer necessary, since the existence of kwant/_kwant_version.py has
      the same role.  The motivation behind this change is to allow keeping
      Kwant distributions in git repositories that have a different layout
      from the canonical Kwant git repository.  This is useful for example for
      The name of the static version file was changed to avoid problems with
      stale files.
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      rewrite of setup.py · 43faf533
      Christoph Groth authored
      The code should be easier to understand.  Configuration through a site.cfg file
      is supported.
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