Commit 53168e7d authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
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remove TODO about C++11 (we need to be compatible with old compilers)

parent 03b97a71
......@@ -247,13 +247,6 @@ PyObject *unary_ufunc_round(PyObject *, PyObject *args)
} // Anonymous namespace
// TODO: once we can require gcc 4.7, use the following type aliases instead of
// the function unary_ufunc_round which is a stopgap.
// template <typename T> using Round_nearest = Round<Nearest, T>;
// template <typename T> using Round_floor = Round<Floor, T>;
// template <typename T> using Round_ceil = Round<Ceil, T>;
PyMethodDef functions[] = {
{"_reconstruct", reconstruct, METH_VARARGS},
{"zeros", zeros, METH_VARARGS},
......@@ -275,9 +268,6 @@ PyMethodDef functions[] = {
{"abs", unary_ufunc<Absolute>, METH_VARARGS},
{"absolute", unary_ufunc<Absolute>, METH_VARARGS},
{"conjugate", unary_ufunc<Conjugate>, METH_VARARGS},
// {"round", unary_ufunc<Round_nearest>, METH_VARARGS},
// {"floor", unary_ufunc<Round_floor>, METH_VARARGS},
// {"ceil", unary_ufunc<Round_ceil>, METH_VARARGS},
{"round", unary_ufunc_round<Nearest>, METH_VARARGS},
{"floor", unary_ufunc_round<Floor>, METH_VARARGS},
{"ceil", unary_ufunc_round<Ceil>, METH_VARARGS},
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