Commit b3e7a81d authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
Browse files provide mockup samefile() for Python < 3.2 on Windows

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......@@ -18,6 +18,20 @@ from distutils.errors import DistutilsError, DistutilsModuleError
from setuptools.command.build_ext import build_ext
from setuptools.command.sdist import sdist
from os.path import samefile
except ImportError:
# This code path will be taken on Windows for Python < 3.2.
# TODO: remove this once we require Python 3.2.
def _getfinalpathname(f):
return os.path.normcase(os.path.abspath(f))
# This simple mockup should do in practice.
def samefile(f1, f2):
return _getfinalpathname(f1) == _getfinalpathname(f2)
VERSION_HEADER = ['src', 'version.hh']
......@@ -48,7 +62,7 @@ def get_version_from_git():
if p.wait() != 0:
if not os.path.samefile(p.communicate()[0].decode().rstrip('\n'), distr_root):
if not samefile(p.communicate()[0].decode().rstrip('\n'), distr_root):
# The top-level directory of the current Git repository is not the same
# as the root directory of the source distribution: do not extract the
# version from Git.
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