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update TODO file

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* Fix float hash on 32 bit machines.
Roughly in order of importance:
* Add docstrings.
* Implement indexing of sub-arrays (i.e. a[0] for a 2d-array), perhaps even slicing.
* Fix float hash on 32 bit machines. (A test fails.)
* Implement missing arithmetic operations.
......@@ -7,10 +13,7 @@
* 0-d arrays should not be sequences. Currently there are problems with using
0-d arrays with PySequence_Fast.
* Consider reducing the amount of templated code by having more dtype-flexible
* Merge array_from_arraylike and matrix_from_arraylike
* Merge array_from_arraylike and matrix_from_arraylike.
* Optimize readin_arraylike for elements that are tinyarrays.
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