Commit cdf987c5 authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
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fix template definitions (old gcc needs them)

parent 43490fe3
......@@ -1113,9 +1113,9 @@ template PyObject *str<long>(PyObject*);
template PyObject *str<double>(PyObject*);
template PyObject *str<Complex>(PyObject*);
template long hash<long>(PyObject*);
template long hash<double>(PyObject*);
template long hash<Complex>(PyObject*);
template HASH_TYPE hash<long>(PyObject*);
template HASH_TYPE hash<double>(PyObject*);
template HASH_TYPE hash<Complex>(PyObject*);
template int getbuffer<long>(PyObject*, Py_buffer*, int);
template int getbuffer<double>(PyObject*, Py_buffer*, int);
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