1. 06 Aug, 2015 5 commits
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      fix test script · 18f31ed9
      Joseph Weston authored
      Ran 2to3, removed conditional cPickle import and replaced `div`
      operation with `truediv`.
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      correct definition of PyBufferProcs · 4529d48d
      Joseph Weston authored
      We provide no `bf_releasebuffer` member because a buffer is
      just a view and has no resources associated with it (other
      than those which are handled by Python).
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      remove unnecessary flags from type object defintion · 52e17592
      Joseph Weston authored
      the HAVE_NEWBUFFER flag was only needed in Python 2.x to maintain
      compatibility with versions earlier than 2.6, for which the buffer
      protocol was not backported. CHECKTYPES is now the default in Python
      3.x. Neither of these macros is defined in Python 3.x
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      add int and string conversion · 9538b5ea
      Joseph Weston authored
      Mostly change string -> unicode, except in one instance where we
      want to have bytes (pickling/unpickling)
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      modify aithmetic operations, disable integer-integer array division · 3b8e5d2f
      Joseph Weston authored
      Python 3 only defines floor_divide and true_divide, where
      true_divide should return floats even if the two inputs are
      integers. This is a non-trivial change, so we disable division
      of two integer arrays for now.
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