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Updates related to kwantspectrum change of name and availability on pipy

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......@@ -81,11 +81,10 @@ Install instructions for Linux systems
$ module load mpi/openmpi-x86_64 # can be mpi/mpich-x86_64
$ export CPATH=/usr/include/openmpi-x86_64/ # can be /usr/include/mpich-x86_64/, it should be consistent with the above line
3. Install latest tkwant, kwantspectrum and tkwantoperator:
3. Install latest tkwant along with its dependencies, then tkwantoperator:
.. code:: shell
$ pip3 install git+
$ pip3 install git+
$ pip3 install git+
*Note*: To install updates in any of the git repositories, simply redo the pip install.
......@@ -163,7 +162,7 @@ local tkwantoperator source code repository from the command line:
.. code:: shell
$ cd path/to/tkwantoperaotor/tkwantoperator/doc
$ cd path/to/tkwantoperator/tkwantoperator/doc
$ make html
The generated HTML documentation will then be found in the ``doc/build/html`` folder. The root webpage is ``doc/build/html/index.html``, it can be opened with a web browser to browse the generated documentation.
......@@ -328,5 +328,5 @@ intersphinx_mapping = {
'mpi4py': ('', None),
'kwant': ('', None),
'tkwant': ('', None),
'kwant_spectrum': ('', None)
'kwantspectrum': ('', None)
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