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add link to Gitter in "community" page

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......@@ -57,9 +57,18 @@ bug reports, discussions, and announcements. You can use it in various ways:
the bottom of the page, (3) add the above list address under "CC".
Development list
Development chat
The Kwant developer chat is accessible to the community via `Gitter <>`_.
Come say hi if you would like to get involved with developing Kwant! For longer development discussions
we prefer posting to the development mailing list. This is a place for technical discussions about changes
to Kwant. For bug reports please use the kwant-discuss mailing list.
Development mailing list
Those who are interested the development of Kwant are invited to subscribe to
the `kwant-devel <>`_
mailing list. This is the place for technical discussions about changes to
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