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......@@ -57,9 +57,18 @@ bug reports, discussions, and announcements. You can use it in various ways:
the bottom of the page, (3) add the above list address under "CC".
Development list
Development chat
The Kwant developer chat is accessible to the community via `Gitter <>`_.
Come say hi if you would like to get involved with developing Kwant! For longer development discussions
we prefer posting to the development mailing list. This is a place for technical discussions about changes
to Kwant. For bug reports please use the kwant-discuss mailing list.
Development mailing list
Those who are interested the development of Kwant are invited to subscribe to
the `kwant-devel <>`_
mailing list. This is the place for technical discussions about changes to
......@@ -159,4 +159,11 @@ Coding style
* Write tests for all the important functionality you add. Be sure not to
break existing tests.
* Create a logical sequence of commits with clear commit messages.
* Create a logical sequence of commits with clear commit messages. Each
commit message consists of a summary line, and, whenever necessary, a
more detailed explanation. Both parts are separated by a blank line
and wrapped to 72 characters (unless quoting error messages and such).
The summary line should be as clear as possible. The detailed
explanation should be included whenever it helps to motivate or
understand the commit. Bear in mind that the merge request text and
discussions are not part of a commit.
Kwant extensions
Going beyond the core package, there are several tools that extend Kwant in useful ways.
You can check these out below.
If you have some re-usable code that you think would be useful to the wider Kwant community,
post to the `Kwant development mailing list <>`_ with a
link to the code and a couple of sentences describing it, and we'll add it to this page.
Semicon: k·p simulations made easy
**Get the code**:
A package of tools for doing k·p simulations. Contains: model definitions, material parameters,
and helper functions for generating template Kwant systems.
Generating quasicrystals
**Get the code**:
Code for reproducing numerics from the paper "`Aperiodic Weak Topological Superconductors <>`_"
by Fulga et al.
Contains functionality for building 2D Ammann-Beenaker tilings, an example of a quasicrystal, and
Kwant systems constructed from such tilings.
Time-dependent transport
**Get the code**:
A package for defining time-dependent systems with Kwant, and calculating
time-dependent quantities. Details of the algorithm can be found in the
following two papers:
+ `Towards realistic time-resolved simulations of quantum devices <>`_
+ `Numerical simulations of time resolved quantum electronics <>`_
.. title: List of Kwant extensions added to website
.. slug: kwant-extensions
.. date: 2018-03-28 11:56:55 UTC
.. tags:
.. category:
.. link:
.. description:
.. type: text
We have added a `new section to the website </extensions.html>`_
that showcases useful extensions to Kwant that have been made by members of the
While we welcome contributions to the core Kwant package, we realize that
it can be a lot of work to implement something that is both robust enough
and of sufficiently general interest to be added to Kwant directly.
Nevertheless there is a body of existing software that extends Kwant in ways
that could be useful to others in the Kwant community. We hope that providing
a central place for listing these extensions will make them more discoverable
by others.
If you have extended Kwant in some way, please get in touch via the
`kwant-devel <>`_ mailing list!
Happy Kwanting,
Kwant team
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