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$ nikola build
[2020-09-08T15:53:22Z] WARNING: Nikola: Could not guess locale for language en, using locale C
[2020-09-08T15:53:22Z] WARNING: Nikola: Please fix your OS locale configuration or use the LOCALES option in to specify your preferred locale.
[2020-09-08T15:53:22Z] WARNING: Nikola: Make sure to use an UTF-8 locale to ensure Unicode support.
Scanning posts...[2020-09-08T15:53:23Z] ERROR: Nikola: Two posts are trying to generate improved-interface-for-mailing-list.html: posts/release-of-tkwant-1-0.rst and posts/improved-interface-for-mailing-list.rst
Authenticating with credentials from /root/.docker/config.json
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