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add nikola deploy configuration to prevent CI server blacklisting

We don't check the host key and just upload the docs. The worst that
can happen is that an "attacker" gets our docs, and the Kwant website
does not get updated. We enforce the use of public key authentication
only, so an attacker cannot get any credentials, and the docs are
public information, so there is no risk.
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......@@ -369,10 +369,21 @@ REDIRECTIONS = []
# to `nikola deploy`. If no arguments are specified, a preset
# named `default` will be executed. You can use as many presets
# in a `nikola deploy` command as you like.
# rsync is used to send documentation to our web servers: we never send any
# secret information, and using 'ssh-keyscan' causes the CI server's IP to
# be blacklisted, so we specify "StrictHostKeyChecking=no".
SSH_OPTS = ["StrictHostKeyChecking=no", "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null",
SSH_OPTS = ' '.join('-o ' + opt for opt in SSH_OPTS)
'default': [
"rsync -rlv -e 'ssh -i deploy_key' --delete --filter 'P doc/*' output/*",
"rsync -lv -e 'ssh -i deploy_key' htaccess-apache",
"rsync -rlv -e 'ssh {} -i deploy_key' --delete --filter 'P doc/*' output/*"
"rsync -lv -e 'ssh {} -i deploy_key' htaccess-apache"
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