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update Windows installation instructions to use Conda packages

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......@@ -165,7 +165,20 @@ whenever possible.
Microsoft Windows
Windows packages for Kwant are kindly provided by Chrisoph Gohlke.
`Pre-built packages <#conda>`_ for Microsoft Windows exist for the Conda
package manager, which is a part of the ``Anaconda`` Python distribution.
Using Conda is the recommended way to install Kwant on Microsoft Windows.
We previously recommended using that Kwant packages built by
Christoph Gohlke, however due to the complexity of the installation
instructions the Conda packages are preferred. Installation of the
package provided by Christoph Gohlke is only needed if the integration
with MUMPS is required (as this is still not available for the Conda packages).
The instructions for installing the alternative package are included below
Alternative Package
The following instructions explain how to install the official version
of Python 3, Kwant, and its dependencies.
......@@ -232,12 +245,15 @@ repository. For example, you might want to install `IPython
<>`_ and its various
dependencies so that you can use the `IPython notebook <>`_.)
If you do not want to use the Conda packages, you can always install Kwant
using `pip`_. Or by directly `building from source`_.
Conda is the package manager for the Anaconda Python distribution.
Kwant currently has Conda packages for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X platforms.
Kwant currently has Conda packages for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.
1. Download the Python 3.6 version of `Anaconda <>`_ for
your platform and install it.
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