Commit 08d475d0 authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
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builder: rename += to update and check symmetries for equality

parent 74173986
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ import inspect
import tinyarray as ta
import numpy as np
from scipy import sparse
from . import system, graph, UserCodeError
from . import system, graph, KwantDeprecationWarning, UserCodeError
from .linalg import lll
from .operator import Density
from .physics import DiscreteSymmetry
......@@ -772,11 +772,6 @@ class Builder:
Attaching a lead manually (without the use of `~Builder.attach_lead`)
amounts to creating a `Lead` object and appending it to this list.
``builder0 += builder1`` adds all the sites, hoppings, and leads of
``builder1`` to ``builder0``. Sites and hoppings present in both systems
are overwritten by those in ``builder1``. The leads of ``builder1`` are
appended to the leads of the system being extended.
.. warning::
If functions are used to set values in a builder with a symmetry, then
......@@ -1238,12 +1233,31 @@ class Builder:
result = site
return result
def __iadd__(self, other):
def update(self, other):
"""Update builder from `other`.
All sites and hoppings of `other`, together with their values, are
written to `self`, overwriting already existing sites and hoppings.
The leads of `other` are appended to the leads of the system being
This method requires that both builders share the same symmetry.
if (not self.symmetry.has_subgroup(other.symmetry)
or not other.symmetry.has_subgroup(self.symmetry)):
raise ValueError("Both builders involved in update() must have "
"equal symmetries.")
for site, value in other.site_value_pairs():
self[site] = value
for hop, value in other.hopping_value_pairs():
self[hop] = value
def __iadd__(self, other):
warnings.warn("The += operator of builders is deprecated. Use "
"'Builder.update()' instead.", KwantDeprecationWarning,
return self
def fill(self, template, shape, start, *, overwrite=False, max_sites=10**7):
......@@ -556,7 +556,8 @@ def test_hamiltonian_evaluation():
# test with infinite system
inf_syst = kwant.Builder(VerySimpleSymmetry(2))
inf_syst += syst
for k, v in it.chain(syst.site_value_pairs(), syst.hopping_value_pairs()):
inf_syst[k] = v
inf_fsyst = inf_syst.finalized()
hop = tuple(map(inf_fsyst.sites.index, new_hop))
test_raising(inf_fsyst, hop)
......@@ -911,7 +912,7 @@ def test_closest():
assert dd >= 0.999999 * dist
def test_iadd():
def test_update():
lat = builder.SimpleSiteFamily()
syst = builder.Builder()
......@@ -934,7 +935,7 @@ def test_iadd():
lead1 = builder.BuilderLead(lead1, [lat(2,)])
syst += other_syst
assert syst.leads == [lead0, lead1]
expected = sorted([((0,), 1), ((1,), 2), ((2,), 2)])
assert sorted(((s.tag, v) for s, v in syst.site_value_pairs())) == expected
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