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clarify and streamline the logic of eradicate dangling

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......@@ -886,32 +886,32 @@ class Builder:
Sites are considered as dangling when less than two hoppings
lead to them.
to_fd = self.symmetry.to_fd
sites = list(site for site in self.H
if self._out_degree(site) < 2)
for site in sites:
# We could have deleted the site already if there was e.g. an
# isolated hopping.
if site not in self.H:
while site:
if site not in self.H:
site = to_fd(site)
while self._out_degree(site) < 2:
neighbors = tuple(self._out_neighbors(site))
if neighbors:
assert len(neighbors) == 1
neighbor = neighbors[0]
# test if neighbor in fundamental domain
if neighbor in self.H:
self._del_edge(neighbor, site)
if self._out_degree(neighbor) > 1:
neighbor = False
self._del_edge(*to_fd(neighbor, site))
if self._out_degree(to_fd(neighbor)) > 1:
neighbor = False
if not neighbors:
del self.H[site]
(neighbor,) = neighbors
if neighbor in self.H:
# neighbor is in the fundamental domain
edge = (neighbor, site)
neighbor = False
edge = self.symmetry.to_fd(neighbor, site)
neighbor = self.symmetry.to_fd(neighbor)
del self.H[site]
# Neighbor could become dangling now.
site = neighbor
def __iter__(self):
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