Commit 4a3cea54 authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
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plotter: interpolate currents with less detail by default

The default relwidth was 0.03.  This means 33 "widths" per longest
plot dimension, and 67 stream lines (we show 2 streamlines per
width by default).

67 streamlines are too much for small square plots.  Increasing
relwidth to 0.05 produces nicer looking results and the current
plotter also runs much faster!
parent 859d4788
......@@ -2064,7 +2064,7 @@ def streamplot(field, box, cmap=None, bgcolor=None, linecolor='k',
return output_fig(fig, file=file, show=show)
def current(syst, current, relwidth=0.03, **kwargs):
def current(syst, current, relwidth=0.05, **kwargs):
"""Show an interpolated current defined for the hoppings of a system.
The system graph together with current intensities defines a "discrete"
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