Commit 4bea716e authored by Joseph Weston's avatar Joseph Weston
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rename parameter in kpm and simplify normalization logic

parent 11155d1d
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ class SpectralDensity:
syst_or_ham : `~kwant.system.FiniteSystem` or matrix Hamiltonian
ham : `~kwant.system.FiniteSystem` or matrix Hamiltonian
If a system is passed, it should contain no leads.
params : dict, optional
Additional parameters to pass to the Hamiltonian and operator.
......@@ -132,26 +132,21 @@ class SpectralDensity:
Spectral density of the ``operator`` evaluated at the energies.
def __init__(self, syst_or_ham, params=None, operator=None,
def __init__(self, ham, params=None, operator=None,
num_rand_vecs=10, num_moments=100, num_sampling_points=None,
vector_factory=None, bounds=None, epsilon=0.05, rng=None):
rng = ensure_rng(rng)
# self.epsilon ensures that the rescaled Hamiltonian has a
# spectrum strictly in the interval (-1,1).
self.epsilon = epsilon
# Check if syst_or_ham is a finalized System or a Hamiltonian
# Normalize the format of 'ham'
if isinstance(ham, system.System):
ham = ham.hamiltonian_submatrix(params=params, sparse=True)
ham = scipy.sparse.csr_matrix(syst_or_ham)
ensure_isinstance(syst_or_ham, system.System)
ham = scipy.sparse.csr_matrix(
except TypeError:
raise ValueError('Parameter `syst_or_ham` is not a '
'Hamiltonian neither a (finalized) '
ham = scipy.sparse.csr_matrix(ham)
except Exception:
raise ValueError("'ham' is neither a matrix nor a Kwant system.")
# Normalize 'operator' to a common format.
if operator is None:
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