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......@@ -195,72 +195,6 @@ By default the package will be installed under ``/usr/local``. Run ``python3 --help install`` for installation options.
Mac OS X: MacPorts
The following instructions are valid for Kwant 1.1 with Python 2.7. They need
to be updated for Kwant 1.2. (Help is welcome.)
The required dependencies of Kwant are best installed with one of the packaging
systems. Here we only consider the case of `MacPorts
<>`_ in detail. Some remarks for homebrew are given
1. Install a recent version of MacPorts, as explained in the `installation
instructions of MacPorts <>`_.
2. Install the required dependencies::
sudo port install gcc47 python27 py27-numpy py27-scipy py27-matplotlib mumps_seq
sudo port select --set python python27
3. Unpack Tinyarray, enter its directory, build and install::
python build
sudo python install
4. Unpack Kwant, go to the Kwant directory, and edit ``build.conf`` to read::
include_dirs = /opt/local/include
library_dirs = /opt/local/lib
libraries = zmumps_seq mumps_common_seq pord_seq esmumps scotch scotcherr mpiseq gfortran
5. Then, build and install Kwant. ::
CC=gcc-mp-4.7 LDSHARED='gcc-mp-4.7 -shared -undefined dynamic_lookup' python build
sudo python install
You might note that installing Kwant on Mac OS X is somewhat more involved than
installing on Linux. Part of the reason is that we need to mix Fortran and C
code in Kwant: While C code is usually compiled using Apple compilers,
Fortran code must be compiled with the Gnu Fortran compiler (there is
no Apple Fortran compiler). For this reason we force the Gnu compiler suite
with the environment variables ``CC`` and ``LDSHARED`` as shown above.
Mac OS X: homebrew
The following instructions are valid for Kwant 1.1 with Python 2.7. They need
to be updated for Kwant 1.2. (Help is welcome.)
It is also possible to build Kwant using homebrew. The dependencies can be
installed as ::
brew install gcc python
brew tap homebrew/science
brew tap homebrew/python
brew tap kwant-project/kwant
pip install pytest pytest-runner six
brew install numpy scipy matplotlib
Note that during the installation you will be told which paths to add when you
want to compile/link against scotch/metis/mumps; you need to add these to the
build.conf file. Also, when linking against MUMPS, one needs also to link
against METIS (in addition to the libraries needed for MacPorts).
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