Commit 65c9763d authored by Joseph Weston's avatar Joseph Weston
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update 'WaveFunction' to work when some leads are selfenergy leads

We cannot, of course, calculate scattering wavefunctions that
*originate* in a selfenergy lead, as that would require knowing
the modes. For this reason the test was changed from checking
for 'NotImplementedError' to 'ValueError'
parent 9194f226
......@@ -637,21 +637,27 @@ class WaveFunction:
def __init__(self, solver, sys, energy, args, check_hermiticity, params):
syst = sys # ensure consistent naming across function bodies
ensure_isinstance(syst, system.System)
for lead in syst.leads:
if not hasattr(lead, 'modes'):
# TODO: figure out what to do with self-energies.
msg = ('Wave functions for leads with only self-energy'
' are not available yet.')
raise NotImplementedError(msg)
linsys = solver._make_linear_sys(syst, range(len(syst.leads)), energy,
modes_leads = [
i for i, l in enumerate(syst.leads)
if not system.is_selfenergy_lead(l)
linsys = solver._make_linear_sys(syst, modes_leads, energy,
args, check_hermiticity,
self.modes_leads = modes_leads
self.solve = solver._solve_linear_sys
self.rhs = linsys.rhs
self.factorized_h = solver._factorized(linsys.lhs)
self.num_orb = linsys.num_orb
def __call__(self, lead):
if lead not in self.modes_leads:
msg = ('Scattering wave functions for leads with only '
'self-energy are undefined.')
raise ValueError(msg)
result = self.solve(self.factorized_h, self.rhs[lead],
return result.transpose()
......@@ -591,7 +591,7 @@ def test_wavefunc_ldos_consistency(wave_function, ldos):
raises(ValueError, check, syst.precalculate(what='selfenergy'))
syst.leads[0] = LeadWithOnlySelfEnergy(syst.leads[0])
raises(NotImplementedError, check, syst)
raises(ValueError, check, syst)
# We need to keep testing 'args', but we don't want to see
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