Commit 6bdf8042 authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
Browse files make warning sound less intimidating

parent b904e2b2
......@@ -209,12 +209,10 @@ class kwant_sdist(sdist):
if names is None:
print(banner(' Warning '),
print(banner(' Caution '),
"""Git was not available to generate the list of files to be included in the
source distribution. The old was used.""",
sep='\n', file=sys.stderr)
source distribution. The old {} was used.""".format(MANIFEST_IN_FILE),
banner(), sep='\n', file=sys.stderr)
def make_release_tree(self, base_dir, files):
sdist.make_release_tree(self, base_dir, files)
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