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......@@ -5,6 +5,17 @@ This article explains the user-visible changes in Kwant 1.4.0. Subsequently,
the user-visible changes for each maintenance release of the 1.4.x series are
listed (if there were any).
Value functions may no longer take unnamed arguments
The system parameter (``args`` and ``params``) handling of Kwant has been
rewritten following the principle that each value function must take a clearly
specified set of named parameters. This allows to make the parameter handling
less error-prone (as explained in the following section) and faster. For this
reason, value functions may no longer accept ``*args`` or ``**kwargs``.
If you are using such functions, we recommend that you replace them by named
Installation on Microsoft Windows is available via Conda
Kwant is now packaged for the Conda package manager on Windows, and using
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