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Contributing to Kwant
Contributing to Kwant and reporting problems
We view Kwant as not just a package with fixed functionality, but also as a
framework to implement different physics-related algorithms using a common set
......@@ -10,7 +10,10 @@ room for growth, and planning to extend it.
We welcome both external contributions that are well-integrated with Kwant's
core functionality, such as new solvers type, or algorithms for calculation of
other observables, as well as code modules that are relatively independent but
useful with Kwant (such as the random matrix theory module `kwant.rmt`).
useful with Kwant (such as the random matrix theory module `kwant.rmt`). We
also welcome contributions to the reference documentation and the tutorial. It
is also possible to add complete tutorial sections that illustrate a physical
phenomenon using Kwant.
The complete development history of Kwant is `publicly available
<>`_. Any external contribution will be
......@@ -18,6 +21,14 @@ clearly marked as such, and papers where it is described (if any) will be
properly mentioned. Contact us if you are interested in submitting a
When you encounter a bug, first try to reproduce it with as simple of a system
as possible. Double-check with Kwant documentation that what you observe is
actually a bug in Kwant. Then please email the bug report the Kwant `mailing
list <>`_. A bug report should contain
the steps required to reproduce the bug, preferably with a simple script that
reproduces the bug attached. It should also include a description of the bug
(i.e. what exactly goes wrong).
Technical advice
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