Commit 9101ec30 authored by Joseph Weston's avatar Joseph Weston
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add longer timeout for linkcheck and remove specific linkcheck ignore

The combination of longer timeout and larger number of retries should
make the linkcheck sufficiently specific again.
parent 5c8761f3
......@@ -270,12 +270,13 @@ def setup(app):
# IOP times out on check but the link verified and correct.
linkcheck_ignore = [r'']
# By default linkcheck only tries once, but experience has shown us that this test is
# very non-specific for detecting dead links. Trying a few times should significantly
# lower the probability of false positives.
linkcheck_retries = 5
# Some websites (particularly IoP) take a long time to respond. The combination of
# this timeout and the retries should make this check sufficiently specific.
linkcheck_timeout = 10
nitpick_ignore = [('py:class', 'Warning'), ('py:class', 'Exception'),
('py:class', 'object'), ('py:class', 'tuple'),
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