Commit b2280f4d authored by Christoph Groth's avatar Christoph Groth
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simplify imports

parent 15d70b6c
......@@ -17,12 +17,9 @@ from sympy.printing.lambdarepr import LambdaPrinter
from sympy.printing.precedence import precedence
from sympy.core.function import AppliedUndef
from ..builder import Builder, HoppingKind
from ..lattice import Monatomic, TranslationalSymmetry
from ._common import sympify, gcd
from ._common import position_operators, momentum_operators
from ._common import monomials
from .. import builder, lattice
from ._common import (sympify, gcd, position_operators, momentum_operators,
__all__ = ['discretize']
......@@ -243,15 +240,15 @@ def build_discretized(tb_hamiltonian, discrete_coords, *,
random_element = next(iter(tb_hamiltonian.values()))
norbs = (1 if isinstance(random_element, sympy.Expr)
else random_element.shape[0])
lattice = Monatomic(prim_vecs, norbs=norbs)
lat = lattice.Monatomic(prim_vecs, norbs=norbs)
onsite = tb.pop(onsite_zeros)
# 'delta' parameter to HoppingKind is the negative of the 'hopping offset'
hoppings = {HoppingKind(tuple(-i for i in d), lattice): val
hoppings = {builder.HoppingKind(tuple(-i for i in d), lat): val
for d, val in tb.items()}
syst = Builder(TranslationalSymmetry(*prim_vecs))
syst[lattice(*onsite_zeros)] = onsite
syst = builder.Builder(lattice.TranslationalSymmetry(*prim_vecs))
syst[lat(*onsite_zeros)] = onsite
for hop, val in hoppings.items():
syst[hop] = val
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