Commit dd3e879f authored by Michael Wimmer's avatar Michael Wimmer Committed by Christoph Groth
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allow any sequence with two entries for cmap

parent 9c8b1e6f
......@@ -1044,7 +1044,7 @@ def plot(sys, num_lead_cells=2, unit='nn',
Linewidth of the lead symbols.
lead_hop_lw : number or `None`
Linewidth of the lead hoppings.
cmap : `matplotlib` color map or a tuple of two color maps or `None`
cmap : `matplotlib` color map or a sequence of two color maps or `None`
The color map used for sites and optionally hoppings.
pos_transform : function or `None`
Transformation to be applied to the site position.
......@@ -1272,11 +1272,16 @@ def plot(sys, num_lead_cells=2, unit='nn',
lead_hop_lw = (hop_lw if not isarray(hop_lw)
else defaults['hop_lw'][dim])
if isinstance(cmap, tuple):
hop_cmap = None
if not isinstance(cmap, basestring):
if len(cmap) != 2:
raise ValueError("if cmap is a sequence, it must have exactly "
"two entries")
hop_cmap = cmap[1]
cmap = cmap[0]
hop_cmap = None
except (TypeError, KeyError):
# make a new figure unless axes specified
if not ax:
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