Commit e6d5051c authored by Bas Nijholt's avatar Bas Nijholt
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2D: add bounds back to the stack if the runner failed

This bug manifested when the function failed after starting the
runner. For example the function is calling a function that is not
defined on the engines will lead to a NameError, then after importing
that on the engines, you wouldn't be able to start the runner again,
because the learner would be in a bad state. This commit fixes that
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......@@ -368,6 +368,9 @@ class Learner2D(BaseLearner):
def remove_unfinished(self):
self._interp = set()
for p in self._bounds_points:
if p not in
self._stack[p] = np.inf
def plot(self, n=None, tri_alpha=0):
hv = ensure_holoviews()
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