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SSH between nodes on hpc05

See merge request qt/cookbook!3
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......@@ -73,3 +73,14 @@ scp -r ~/.ssh io:
Now you should be able to do: `ssh io` -> `ssh hpc05`.
Some ways of scheduling jobs, like `adaptive-scheduler`, require password-less `ssh` between the physical nodes of `hpc05`. To set this up, run the following two lines on `hpc05`:
# Populate known hosts
for i in $(seq -f "%02g" 1 48); do ssh-keyscan -H n05-$i >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts; done
# Public key auth
ssh-copy-id hpc05
After this you should be able to `ssh hpc05` -> `ssh n05-xx` (where xx is the physical node id) without having to confirm any keys. Note that it is only possible to `ssh` to nodes where you have an active job running. To see the physical node your job is running on use `qstat -n`.
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