Commit 272ae1d0 authored by Rafal Skolasinski's avatar Rafal Skolasinski

update playbook name for setting io ssh connection

parent 7bad2496
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Generate a `ssh` key if you don't have one yet. See [here](https://help.github.c
Add you public key (see it with `cat ~/.ssh/`) to the ``.ssh/authorized_keys`` file on ``io``.
Then ask Joe, Bas, Anton, Rafal, or Anton to excecute:
ansible-playbook -i hosts jupyterhubs/quantumtinkerer/ssh_user.yml --ask-become-pass --ask-vault-pass
ansible-playbook -i hosts jupyterhubs/quantumtinkerer/ssh.yml --ask-become-pass --ask-vault-pass
Now you should have ssh access to `io`.
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