Commit 4ba563e0 authored by Bas Nijholt's avatar Bas Nijholt

reintroduce using sed for build.conf

parent 272ae1d0
......@@ -23,10 +23,15 @@ pip install git+
## create `build.conf` file with
include_dirs = ~/.conda/envs/stable/include
library_dirs = ~/.conda/envs/stable/lib
include_dirs = PREFIX/include
library_dirs = PREFIX/lib
libraries = zmumps mumps_common pord metis esmumps scotch scotcherr mpiseq gfortran openblas
extra_link_args = -Wl,-rpath=~/.conda/envs/stable/lib
extra_link_args = -Wl,-rpath=PREFIX/lib
and run
sed -i -e "s:PREFIX:$CONDA_PREFIX:g" build.conf
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